Huck's Helping Hands

Lillian Morris, 7
Gallatin, NY
Donates money for good causes
"My daughter Lillian Morris is 7 and has always saved all her money for good causes as well as picking up garbage along the roads and local state park. She saves all her birthday money and allowance for St. Jude, and has recently completed the relay for life for the American Cancer Society where she raised almost $700 by doing things like selling her own things at a yard sale. This was her 2nd year participating in this event. She is always doing for others and will always think of others before herself. She buys gifts for toys for tots every year with all her own money given to her by her grandmother to buy herself gifts. She gives so unselfishly, it truly is amazing for someone who is only 7. She loves your Playland, but we don't get the chance to get up there often since it's an hour away, but she really deserves acknowledgment. Everyone who has ever met her says she has a special heart."


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