Huck's Helping Hands

Adelyn, 7

Ballston Lake, NY

Adelyn and her sister Payton hosted a lemonade stand to donate the proceeds to the Saratoga County Sheriifs Office K-9 unit for protective vests and supplies.

Adelyn and her sister  Payton hosted a lemonade stand that grew so large within our community that they had to have it at the local fire dept. The lemonade stand was to raise money for the Saratoga County Sheriffs Offices K-9 unit. They were able to raise approx. $2500 to sponsor the next k-9 through the k-9 academy, buy a GPS collar for one of their current active dogs, and give some back to the Jonesville Fire Dept for allowing them to have it at their facility. The lemonade stand gathered support from local businesses that donated items to raffle. The girls were so happy to be able to give to a good cause that they love and were excited that their stand received so much support. They love dogs and first responders and wanted to make sure that the dogs that help their community have everything that they need to make a difference within their community. The community outpouring of support was so great that many of those that attended hope the girls do it again next year.